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G2 Platform

"software that creates software"

The G2 Platform is a model driven, object,-relational, reactive, observable, componentized, distributed, synchronized, dynamic, functional, secure, small foot print, high velocity system for automating software development.   

Combining visual modeling, staged code generation, templates, for software automation.

What We Do

Software Automation Experts

We are experts at building "software that builds software," for  platforms and applications.  Our core has been creating libraries and tools that are used to build full stack commercial software.  More precisely, we focus on software automation. 

What makes us different is what we bring to a project ... think of it as a factory for automating commercial level platforms and applications.  This allows for automating over 90% of the software for an enterprise project. 


We build software and sell custom platforms and applications.


We work with other companies and startups, to create software for their business markets.

Branded, licensed for resale or exclusive license.


We build ...

"software that builds software".

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