Via Object Architects works with customers and partners to create applications and platforms that make businesses more successful.  We do this by capturing work flow and best practices into a streamlined design.  From this, we are able to produce software in fraction of the time and cost that it takes conventional software development.

This could be a new system, or in many cases, a system that streamlines your business while interfacing with existing systems.  For IT systems, we design systems that help manage existing systems, with very little impact to the existing systems.

Our process allows business experts to translate their knowledge and ideas into a software system without getting overloaded in tech terminology, giving them direct control over the finished product.  By reiterating the "design and run" process, we're able to allow for a "constant changing, and improving" development workflow. 

When building an application for a customer to own, we charge based on the complexity of the design and for any required custom programming.  We are able to deliver large systems in as little as two months.

When partnering to build apps and platforms to be licensed or sold as a commercial product,  our prices are based on subscription and support services.  We offer flexible licensing and branding that fits into any budget and time frame.

Please feel free to contact us any time.

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